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The futility of The Battlefield FB group

Apparently, Paul Hartley blocked me from further discussion of his OP about dinosaurs and gladiators before I could ask if he thought “The Battlefield” is a “false flag” group. Does anyone else think that?   If so, do you think it can survive publication of experimental evidence that links responsive supramolecular systems to stepwise changes in the assembly of metal complexes via induction of a light-driven rotary motor scaffold akin to the bacterial flagellum of P. fluorescens? See: Dynamic control…

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Hecatombic evolution VS polycombic ecological adaptation

Hecatombic evolution can be compared to polycombic ecological adaptation in the context of facts that do not support the Demoncrat’s agenda. Demoncrat: A biologically uninformed politician acting on behalf of ignorance to promote virus-driven pathology as a source of all biodiversity. Alt: “A member of the Democratic Party (with a demonic implication).” How many people think that this report of what Dr. Ben Carson said is an accurate representation of what he said? Is “ugly surrogacy” suggestive of biased reporting?…

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A two-faced protein enables RNA-mediated DNA repair (4)

See also: A two-faced protein enables RNA-mediated DNA repair (3) The importance of DNA repair to heritability cannot be understated. Theorists who think in terms of mutations and evolution are biologically uninformed and may never have learned anything about DNA repair. Serious scientists are overloaded with information and are not likely to try to explain facts about biologically based cause and effect to theorists. November, 2015 An individual-based diploid model predicts limited conditions under which stochastic gene expression becomes advantageous My…

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