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The tipping point? 50,000 publications (3)

$121 Million Allocated By White House For Microbiome Study 5/16/16 Excerpt: The NMI recognizes that it’s important to study the microbiome across multiple ecosystems and organisms, and that the microbiome has an impact on a huge variety of problems in widely diverse areas, such as human health, agriculture, the environment, and weather and atmospheric disruptions. My comment: Energy-dependent differences in microRNA flanking sequences link the microbiome to metabolic networks and genetic networks of all invertebrates and vertebrates. More than 50,000…

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Selective reporting of inferences: examples of pseudoscience

In the narrative of this presentation on RNA mediated molecular epigenetics and virus driven entropy, I mentioned that Cori Bargmann is scheduled to deliver a lecture entitled “Genes, neurons, circuits and behavior: an integrated approach in a compact brain.” An integrated approach will help others understand what is currently known about how ecological variation leads to ecological adaptation. Works, like hers, with the nematode model organism will help others understand how ecological adaptation leads to biodiversity in the morphological phenotypes…

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