Sickle cell disease

Bill Gates refutes theistic evolution (sequel)

See: Bill Gates refutes theistic evolution See also: Gate-controlled conductance switching in DNA Conclusion: Our work demonstrates one can introduce an active control to DNA conductance by modifying a base with a redox group, and switch the DNA conductance reversibly between two levels by oxidizing or reducing the redox group with an EC gate. This strategy could be implemented in more sophisticated DNA nanostructures for active device building blocks. As the DNA conductance is an indicator of the molecule in…

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Bill Gates refutes theistic evolution

See: Bill Gates refutes theistic evolution (prequel) See for comparison: Our 2017 Annual Letter Warren Buffett’s Best Investment By Bill and Melinda Gates | February 14, 2017 Malnourished children can be getting enough calories, but not the right nutrients. That makes them more susceptible to conditions like pneumonia or diarrhea—and more likely to die from them. If malnourished children are not getting the right nutrients, they focused too much on vaccines and not enough on what is known about nutritional…

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Anti-entropic virucidal energy as information

 How Can Physics Underlie the Mind? Top-Down Causation in the Human Context by George Ellis (p. 404) Repeated thousands of times over geological timescales, it is this relentless repetition of the top-down process of adaptive selection [29] that gives Darwinian evolution its enormous power. Theorists never seem to ask questions about where the enormous power came from or where it goes when organisms die. They seem to think that relentless repetition of biophysically constrained energy-dependent protein biosynthesis and degradation automagically…

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