Explorers who do not know what is known (2)

See: Explorers who do not know what is known See also: Energy-dependent polycombic ecological adaptation Now see: The B/Z reaction, and the problem with peer review December 9. 2016 by John Leonard … oscillating chemical reactions predictable by mathematical formula are partially responsible for organizing cells to form organs, bone, and tissue. Alan Turing didn’t live to see the publication of evidence that would have validated his theory almost immediately. …when Belousov attempted to have his research published in 1951,…

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RNA-mediated events: chromosomal rearrangements and genomic rearrangements

The Architecture of a Scrambled Genome Reveals Massive Levels of Genomic Rearrangement during Development Excerpt: “Genome-wide DNA rearrangements are most exaggerated in ciliates, particularly in the model organism Oxytricha trifallax, which programs not only DNA deletion, but also total reorganization, through RNA-mediated events (Fang et al., 2012; Nowacki et al., 2008). ” My comment: The RNA-mediated events that lead to DNA rearrangements were reported as: In one of nature’s innovations, a single cell smashes and rebuilds its own genome Excerpt:…

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