stupid theories

microRNA-mediated cures (2)

If you find a recently published article that does not link “How microRNAs control cell division, differentiation and death” (2005) to healthy longevity instead of virus-driven diseases, please share it for comparison to “Advances in Genetics: Chapter One – miRNA, Development and Disease (2012) and Human pheromones and food odors: epigenetic influences on the socioaffective microRNA-mediated cures (2)

Wars caused by metaphors: 1964

Theorists tend to use metaphors to support their stupid theories. Intelligent serious scientists consistently use facts. For example, researchers from Japan and the USA attacked the Chinese Communist Party’s representations of naturally evolved virus-driven pathology with claims in Triple-Helical Binding of Peptide Nucleic Acid Inhibits Maturation of Endogenous MicroRNA-197 6/11/21 …the first example of modulation Wars caused by metaphors: 1964