Ecological law, cooperation, and DNA repair

Ecological laws: what would they be and why would they matter? Abstract excerpt: … I argue, the existence of ecological laws would make ecological explanations irreducible to even the most complete possible physical explanations of the same phenomena. Ecological laws would make ecology genuinely autonomous from physics. My comment: This is a fool’s argument.  Serious Ecological law, cooperation, and DNA repair

Nutrient-dependent trophic analogs (2)

Nutrient-dependent trophic analogs The claim that Microbes are trophic analogs of animals has not yet been placed into the context of RNA-mediated events that link amino acid substitutions to cell type differentiation in all individuals of all living genera over-the-weekend. See, for example:  Evolutionary resurrection of flagellar motility via rewiring of the nitrogen regulation system Nutrient-dependent trophic analogs (2)

A two-faced protein enables RNA-mediated DNA repair (4)

See also: A two-faced protein enables RNA-mediated DNA repair (3) The importance of DNA repair to heritability cannot be understated. Theorists who think in terms of mutations and evolution are biologically uninformed and may never have learned anything about DNA repair. Serious scientists are overloaded with information and are not likely to try to explain A two-faced protein enables RNA-mediated DNA repair (4)


Can You Think Yourself Into a Different Person? Excerpt 1) Those who over-evangelise emerging disciplines like neuroplasticity or epigenetics can sometimes be guilty of talking as if the influence of our genes no longer matters. Excerpt 2) Of course, it’s our malleable brains that have moulded themselves to these rhythms. See also: Nature and nurture: Neuroplasticity

Models are not theories (1)

Cells or Animals: Which model is better? Excerpt: …animal models allow testing on intact physiological systems of many cell types simultaneously. Excerpt:  …it is important to note that human and rodent physiology is not identical, and even sophisticated animal models can have shortcomings. My comment: For comparison to neo-Darwinian theories, it is more important to Models are not theories (1)

RNA central and

What are lncRNAs? Excerpt:  There are many specialized lncRNA databases, which are organized and centralized through RNA central. lncRNAs can be transcribed as whole or partial natural antisense transcripts (NAT) to coding genes, or located between genes or within introns. Some lncRNAs originate from pseudogenes (Milligan & Lipovich, 2015). lncRNAs may be classified into different RNA central and

Metabolic competition and cancer

Metabolic Competition in the Tumor Microenvironment Is a Driver of Cancer Progression Excerpt: “…glucose consumption by tumors metabolically restricts T cells, leading to their dampened mTOR activity, glycolytic capacity, and IFN-γ production, thereby allowing tumor progression.” My comment: Does anyone know the difference between 1) a tumor that eats glucose and 2) viruses that steal Metabolic competition and cancer

Thermotolerance and Longevity

Heterotypic Signals from Neural HSF-1 Separate Thermotolerance from Longevity Excerpt: …it was hypothesized that hsf-1 regulates the aging process by modulating chaperone network components to directly influence the folding state of the proteome ( Morimoto, 2008). Our data suggest an alternate method by which hsf-1 can regulate the aging process. In this model, hsf-1 activates Thermotolerance and Longevity