The microRNA-mediated future of humanity (9)

Constrained entropy starts with the Creation of hydrogen

Thanks to Nyan Prater II for linking “captured chaos” from energy-dependent changes in subatomic particles and “atoms to ecosystems” at every level of investigation from “angstroms to ecosystems.” Others recently reported that their models of biophysically constrained viral latency were flawed. Perhaps now, they will support our President by starting with God’s Creation of anti-entropic The microRNA-mediated future of humanity (9)

Chemogenetic kinetics (2): Extinction

Biologically uninformed theorists failed to link light-activated energy-dependent “conditions of life” to biophysically constrained viral latency. That led them to ignore the consequences of virus-driven degradation of messenger RNA in species from microbes to humans. Their ignorance led to recent claims about the discovery of a model, which places Charles Darwin’s prescient claims about natural Chemogenetic kinetics (2): Extinction

Olfaction & the octopus and human genomes (2)

Darwinian evolution in the light of genomics Eugene Koonin excerpt: The distribution of evolutionary rates across sets of orthologous genes, the distribution of the sizes of paralogous gene families, the negative correlation between the expression level and the sequence evolution rate of a gene, and other relationships between key evolutionary and phenomic variables seem to Olfaction & the octopus and human genomes (2)