The Darwin Code

Pheromones protect us from viruses (7)

It’s been more than one year since Guenther Witzany published What is Life? 3/18/20 “A new definition of life must integrate the current empirical knowledge about interactions between cells, viruses, and RNA networks to provide a better explanatory power than the twentieth century narrative.” The need for the new definition of life is consistent with my Pheromones protect us from viruses (7)

From optoribogenetics to HelioRiboGenetics (3)

See first: From optoribogenetics to HelioRiboGenetics (2) and From optoribogenetics to HelioRiboGenetics (1) “Opto” means light. “Helio” links God’s Creation of UV light to RNA-mediated protection from viruses across kingdoms via hydrogen-atom transfer in DNA base pairs in solution. Circulating microRNAs associated with liver fibrosis in chronic hepatitis C patients Chronic hepatitis C (CHC) evolves From optoribogenetics to HelioRiboGenetics (3)

MicroRNA-mediated healthy longevity (4)

Viral MicroRNAs: Interfering the Interferon Signaling  1/9/20 Role of v-miRs in the viral pathogenesis is emerging as demonstrated by their function in subverting host defense mechanisms and regulating fundamental biological processes such as cell survival, proliferation, modulation of viral life-cycle phase. Compare your efforts to make scientific progress by touting ridiculous theories to the works MicroRNA-mediated healthy longevity (4)

Bill Gates refutes theistic evolution

See: Bill Gates refutes theistic evolution (prequel) See for comparison: Our 2017 Annual Letter Warren Buffett’s Best Investment By Bill and Melinda Gates | February 14, 2017 Malnourished children can be getting enough calories, but not the right nutrients. That makes them more susceptible to conditions like pneumonia or diarrhea—and more likely to die from Bill Gates refutes theistic evolution

Energy-dependent purifying selection / autophagy (2)

See: Energy-dependent purifying selection / autophagy Thanks to Teresa Binstock for alerting me to this example, which was reported as: Shared epigenetic changes underlie different types of autism. Teresa wrote: “You might enjoy a glance at a use of epigenetic technology. Findings begin to answer, why such syndrome-defining traits given such diverse inter-individual genetics and Energy-dependent purifying selection / autophagy (2)

Survivors of RNA-mediated terrorism

In Darwin’s Radio and Darwin’s Children, Greg Bear predicted there would be ecologically adapted survivors of the forthcoming viral apocalypse.  Could his “raw insight” help to save you, or help to save any of your loved ones who are not already dead? Or, is it too late for us all? See: “The Darwin Code: Intelligent Survivors of RNA-mediated terrorism

Light energy-induced base pair changes (2)

See: Light energy-induced base pair changes (1) To help others move forward via the concept of energy-dependent biophysically constrained RNA-mediated protein folding and what is known about how virus-driven energy theft is linked to all pathology, see also: Subatomic Particles, Part 1: Leptons Subatomic Particles, Part 2: Baryons, the Substance of the Cosmos Subatomic Particles, Light energy-induced base pair changes (2)

Light energy-induced base pair changes (1)

Semisynthetic organisms and synthetic biology Unintended Consequences of Expanding the Genetic Alphabet Conclusion: …phototoxicity results presented herein using a human skin cancer cell line are intended to create awareness to the scientific community of the potential unintended consequences of expanding the genetic alphabet with unnatural nucleosides like those used in this work. Reported as:  Unintended consequences Light energy-induced base pair changes (1)