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New Testament Book Cover Refutes Theistic Evolution

Video of Biology of the Book Goats, bookworms, a monk’s kiss: Biologists reveal the hidden history of ancient gospels Collins already had developed a method to identify ancient species by differences in the amino acid sequences of collagen and other proteins preserved in fossils. See: Protein power by Robert F. Service …methods to sequence amino acids lag behind DNA sequencing. The report of 300 million year old proteins is based on ridiculous theories that failed to include what was known about…

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Dispensing with March for Science Dispatches (2)

Dispensing with March for Science Dispatches (1) “We want to work with other science societies to start preparing their members—the scientists and the friends of science—to communicate what needs to be communicated,” he told The Scientist. See: Cytosis: A Cell Biology Board Game A board game taking place inside a human cell! Players compete to build enzymes, hormones and receptors and fend off attacking Viruses! 6,650 backers pledged $389,357 to help bring this project to life. More than 60,000 published…

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