Natural selection for adaptation (7)

Microbial signatures in the lower airways of mechanically ventilated COVID-19 patients associated with poor clinical outcome 8/31/21 was reported as: High virus count in the lungs drives COVID-19 deaths 8/31/21 …the study revealed that those who died had on average 50 percent lower production of a type of immune chemical that targets the coronavirus compared Natural selection for adaptation (7)

God’s protection from SARS COV-2 and other viruses (3)

The coronavirus may sometimes slip its genetic material into human chromosomes—but what does that mean? 12/16/20 …the paper clearly states the integration the authors think happens could not lead to the production of infectious SARS-CoV-2. That claim suggests that science fiction author, Greg Bear correctly linked nutrient-dependent pheromone-regulated ecological adaptations across kingdoms to the integration God’s protection from SARS COV-2 and other viruses (3)