Naturally attenuated viral endemicity (6)

See first: Naturally attenuated viral endemicity (5) 11/15/21 Blog post # 1600 is based on a search for microRNA that returns 130,538 items There are now 130,965 results. This was added on 11/23/21 Insights into Health-Promoting Effects of Plant MicroRNAs: A Review The authors link God’s Creation of energy-as-information to light-activated microRNA biogenesis in plants. Naturally attenuated viral endemicity (6)

Pheromones protect us from viruses (9)

It may be a form of insanity that prevents theorists, atheists, and Communists from addressing the facts that have been detailed in the context of: Direct Observation of Protonation State Modulation in SARS-CoV-2 Main Protease upon Inhibitor Binding with Neutron Crystallography 3/23/21 …a class of agents called covalent peptidomimetic inhibitors that work by using strings Pheromones protect us from viruses (9)

Adding new terms for confusion

Summary: Amino acid repeats are food energy-dependent and pheromone-controlled in species from microbes to humans. They link the creation of sunlight from subatomic particles in amino acid pi clouds to consciousness via microRNA biogenesis and the effects of anesthesia in flies and in octopuses. The tipping point (revisited): 80,000 publications In my February 2017 virtual Adding new terms for confusion

Young earth creationists refute theistic evolution

Every great scientific truth goes through three stages. First, people say it conflicts with the Bible. Next they say it has been discovered before. Lastly they say they always believed it. –Louis Agassiz The series about refutations of theistic evolution continues. Creationists and two publications in “Nature” support the claims of young earth creationists who Young earth creationists refute theistic evolution

May the anti-entropic force of sunlight be with you

I added a video track to the audio track that already accompanies this presentation. See also: High-Power Actuation from Molecular Photoswitches in Enantiomerically Paired Soft Springs Reported as: Molecular switch drives powerful movement by opposing twisting helices Inspired by the evolutionary strategies that support the movement of plants, the team headed by Stephen P. Fletcher May the anti-entropic force of sunlight be with you