Transgenerational transmission

Light-activated continuous environmental tracking (2)

Characterizing mutagenic effects of recombination through a sequence-level genetic map 1/25/19 Human recombination and mutation mapped Genetic recombination is an essential process in generating genetic diversity. Recombination occurs both through the shuffling of maternal and paternal chromosomes and through mutations generated by resolution of the physical breaks necessary for this process. The essential process of Light-activated continuous environmental tracking (2)

Pseudoscientists hate what science explains! (3)

See also: Pseudoscientists hate what science explains (2) Summary: In addition to germline silencing via information transfer to the physical landscape of supercoiled DNA, multicopy transgene arrays are linked from changes in the microRNA/messenger RNA balance to variation in their somatic expression level. That fact helps to establish the difference between healthy longevity and pathology Pseudoscientists hate what science explains! (3)