transmissible cancer

Life or death facts about theories (2)

Three back-to-back summaries on Developmental Biology, Disease Dynamics, and Systems Biology are linked to a Research article on Climate Change in the December 11, 2020 edition of “Science” Magazine. See pages 1292-1300. Developmental clock and mechanism of de novo polarization of the mouse embryo p. 1292 A transmissible cancer shifts from emergence to endemism in Life or death facts about theories (2)

Bastardized health care (5)

Bastardized heath care (4) Paralogs are homologous genes that arose through gene duplication. In humans and other species, gene duplication events are food energy-dependent. They result in two copies of a gene within the same genome. Sometimes, one or both of the duplicates is altered by the virus-driven degradation of messenger RNA, which causes the Bastardized health care (5)