Ulla Mattfolk

2 genes in 2 species (too expensive and too insignificant)

Characterisation of two Neurogenin genes from the brook lamprey Lampetra planeri and their expression in the lamprey nervous system by Ricardo Lara Ramirez et al. Abstract excerpt: “Here we report the isolation of two Neurogenin genes, LpNgnA and LpNgnB, from the lamprey Lampetra planeri. Phylogenetic analyses show both genes have orthologues in other lamprey species 2 genes in 2 species (too expensive and too insignificant)

The quantum / classical RNA-mediated ‘tipping point’

Researchers identify ‘tipping point’ between quantum and classical worlds Excerpt: “Any popular explanation of quantum theory usually begins with Schroedinger’s cat – a thought experiment describing a cat inside a closed box, that may be either dead or alive,” Vered says. “Rather than looking at the tipping-point between life and death, our experiment examines the The quantum / classical RNA-mediated ‘tipping point’

Anti-entropic solar energy

“We have a group trying to model the mitochondrion” — Ulla Mattfolk Trash pickup problem Excerpt: “The PGAM5 protein would be regulated by an allosteric mechanism, in which its biological function would switch from activation of the PINK1/PARKIN pathway for removal of damaged mitochondria to the FUNDC1 pathway for removal of damaged mitochondria,” according to Anti-entropic solar energy

Physicists: Desperate Acts

Participation on the FB group Thinking Allowed Original led to an invite by Ulla Mattfolk to participate on her secret group  Quantum Biology, coherence and decoherence. On January 22 at 11:45pm, discussion led me to ask whether biophotonic energy differences could be recognized by the photons at the quantum level of their interactions/energies. I thought the answer might explain biodiversity via a Physicists: Desperate Acts