ultraviolet radiation

God vs host-derived creation of virus-driven pathology

Summary: The virus-driven theft of quantized energy forces cells to compete for nutrient energy-dependent RNA-mediated reprogramming in the context of the structure of photons, one-carbon metabolism, autophagy, and the physiology of reproduction, which links energy-dependent changes in chirality from base pairs to RNA-mediated amino acid substitutions. Host-derived viral transporter protein for nitrogen uptake in infected marine phytoplankton (with my emphasis) Viruses often carry genes acquired from their host. In the present work, we show that a virus of a marine…

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Anti-entropic virucidal energy as information

 How Can Physics Underlie the Mind? Top-Down Causation in the Human Context by George Ellis (p. 404) Repeated thousands of times over geological timescales, it is this relentless repetition of the top-down process of adaptive selection [29] that gives Darwinian evolution its enormous power. Theorists never seem to ask questions about where the enormous power came from or where it goes when organisms die. They seem to think that relentless repetition of biophysically constrained energy-dependent protein biosynthesis and degradation automagically…

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Light ‘drives’ adaptation; nothing ‘drives’ evolution (2)

See: Light ‘drives’ adaptation; nothing ‘drives’ evolution See also: Who rules the waves? – Viruses might just be bit players in the drama of the seas. Then again, they could be major actors Excerpt (from 1996):  Most consider viruses to be a legion of cripples, sterilised by ultraviolet radiation and rendered impotent by hosts that are largely immune to their threat. But a few researchers take the opposite view. And if they turn out to be right, viruses could radically…

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