Light, behavior and autophagy, a gender-specific risk factor

Structure of photosystem II and substrate binding at room temperature Excerpt: PS II, a membrane-bound multi-subunit pigment protein complex, couples the one-electron photochemistry at the reaction centre with the four-electron redox chemistry of water oxidation at the Mn4CaO5 cluster in the oxygen-evolving complex (OEC). New, detailed snapshots capture photosynthesis at room temperature The living machinery Light, behavior and autophagy, a gender-specific risk factor

Hydrogen-atom energy in DNA base pairs

See also: Consciousness is simply food rearranged Role of Double Hydrogen Atom Transfer Reactions in Atmospheric Chemistry Abstract excerpt:  Hydrogen atom transfer (HAT) reactions are ubiquitous and play a crucial role in chemistries occurring in the atmosphere, biology, and industry. My comment: The link from physics to chemistry and the conserved molecular mechanisms of biologically-based Hydrogen-atom energy in DNA base pairs

Linking RNA structure to function

A G-Rich Motif in the lncRNA Braveheart Interacts with a Zinc-Finger Transcription Factor to Specify the Cardiovascular Lineage was reported on September 8, 2016 as: Linking RNA structure and function Excerpt 1) Learning more about how lncRNAs control cell differentiation could offer a new approach to developing drugs for patients whose hearts have been damaged Linking RNA structure to function

RNA methylation, behavior, and disease

Epigenetics and Genetics of Viral Latency by Paul M. Lieberman (May 11, 2016)   My comment: Lieberman succinctly confirmed the fact that¬†…viral latency is responsible for life-long pathogenesis and mortality risk… His simplistic conclusion also attests to the fact that there is no defined boundary between epigenetics and genetics. Epigenetic effects on metabolic networks must RNA methylation, behavior, and disease

Thermotolerance and longevity (2)

See also: Thermotolerance and Longevity This article is part of the Research Topic Brain nutrient sensing in the control of energy balance: new insights and perspectives Excerpt: It is well established that nutrients act as signaling molecules in synergy with nervous and hormonal signals to inform the brain about the nutritional status of the body. Thermotolerance and longevity (2)

Virus-driven sex differences?

DNA methylation on N6-adenine in mammalian embryonic stem cells Excerpt: DNA methylation is a crucial component of epigenetic regulation that controls many important aspects of mammalian biology, such as imprinting, X chromosome inactivation and tumorigenesis1, 2. My comment: Nutrient-dependent RNA-directed DNA methylation links RNA-mediated amino acid substitutions to protein folding chemistry during thermodynamic cycles of Virus-driven sex differences?

RNA-mediated theory killers (4)

DNA methylation and microRNA biomarkers for noninvasive detection of gastric and colorectal cancer Excerpt: At this moment, DNA methylation and non-coding RNA including with microRNAs (miRNAs) and long non-coding RNAs (lncRNAs) represent the largest body of available literature on epigenetic biomarkers with the highest potential for cancer diagnosis. My comment: The SLC19A3 microRNA was mentioned RNA-mediated theory killers (4)

RNA-mediated theory killers (5)

Epigenetic regulation of puberty via Zinc finger protein-mediated transcriptional repression Reported as: Researchers elucidate network of genes that control when puberty begins Excerpt: …have identified for the first time members of an elaborate superfamily of genes that regulate the timing of puberty in highly evolved nonhuman primates. My comment: Who do these researches and science RNA-mediated theory killers (5)