Phylogenetic similarity sans energy

Phylogenetic Similarity of Popular Rice Varieties from Different Sources (2016) Cites: Sablok and Shekhawat (2008) Excerpt: “Microsatellites, often abbreviated as simple sequence repeats (SSRs), are 1 to 5 bp repeat mutation prone motifs. Due to mutation prone specific and high rate of polymorphism, microsatellites (SSR) have become a modern genetic resource tool for the genetic Phylogenetic similarity sans energy

The virome, microbiome, replisome and supercoiled DNA

First Complete Pictures of Cells’ DNA-Copying Machinery Excerpt: This architecture could also potentially play an important role in developmental biology by providing a pathway for treating the two daughter strands differently. Many modifications to DNA, including how it is packaged with other proteins, control which of the many genes in the sequence are eventually expressed The virome, microbiome, replisome and supercoiled DNA