virus-driven genomic entropy

The MicroRNAome Strikes Back: A Sokalian hoax (2)

The problem with -omics has repeatedly been detailed in articles from social scientists and other theorists who fail to link what is known to serious scientists about the microRNAome to their theories. Pseudoscientists continue to create bricks that clutter the metaphorical physical landscape and prevent the epigenetic landscape from being linked from the physiology of The MicroRNAome Strikes Back: A Sokalian hoax (2)

Virulence and your UTI

Nobody wants to belong to the party of losers. One of the best strategies in such a case is evidently an interpretation of the change as a gradual accumulation of knowledge while their work has always been at the cutting edge. — Kalevi Kull Virulence: Take on the role of a virus competing to infect Virulence and your UTI

Virus-perturbed alternative splicings

Computing in mammalian cells with nucleic acid strand exchange Abstract excerpt: …we established that functional siRNA could be activated through strand exchange, and used native mRNA as programmable scaffolds for co-localizing gates and visualizing their operation with subcellular resolution. Reported as: Scientists Demonstrate Basics of Nucleic Acid Computing Inside Cells Excerpt: Cells, of course, already Virus-perturbed alternative splicings

RNA-mediated theory killers (3)

  Ghosts in the Genome How one generation’s experience can affect the next By Oliver J. Rando | December 1, 2015 My comment: “…epigenetic information carriers include covalent modifications to nucleotides and histones, providing a wide variety of mechanisms that enable organisms to transmit information extragenomically.” When this was placed into its proper perspective, it RNA-mediated theory killers (3)

Models are not theories (1)

Cells or Animals: Which model is better? Excerpt: …animal models allow testing on intact physiological systems of many cell types simultaneously. Excerpt:  …it is important to note that human and rodent physiology is not identical, and even sophisticated animal models can have shortcomings. My comment: For comparison to neo-Darwinian theories, it is more important to Models are not theories (1)

Can veterans and other prisoners escape pseudoscience?

Combating Evolution to Fight Disease “…an important gap is being filled by molecular understanding of the genesis of variation that confers the ability to evolve.” Inside the drive to collect DNA from 1 million veterans and revolutionize medicine Excerpt 1) The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs is gathering blood from 1 million veterans to sequence Can veterans and other prisoners escape pseudoscience?

Unraveling the secrets of RNA-mediated events

Unraveling the Secrets of DNA Excerpt: Belmont’s team will “rewire” chromosome regions to different nuclear locations and then determine the functional consequences of this rewiring. My comment: The “rewiring” can be placed into the context of nutrient-dependent pheromone-controlled rewiring of the genome that led to a report of over-the-weekend” re-evolution of the bacterial flagellum. Two Unraveling the secrets of RNA-mediated events