Visual Time Perception

Quantum biology vs atheism (2)

One year ago, on 4/23/20 former President Donald J. Trump linked sunlight and humidity to weakened Covid-19 via everything known to intelligent serious scientists about light-activated microRNA biogenesis, RNA interference, and biophysically constrained viral latency across kingdoms. On 4/24/20 Jonathan Reiner, professor of medicine at The George Washington University Hospital, said there’s no medical basis for Trump’s statements about sunlight. God’s Creation of sunlight and humidity were linked across kingdoms from Cascade diversification directs generation of neuronal diversity in the…

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From optoribogenetics to HelioRiboGenetics (5)

Wen Zhou’s group linked quantum coherence to coherently organized biology via God’s Creation of the sense of smell and the space-time continuum in Olfaction Warps Visual Time Perception Ages 10-14+ can review what is known about God’s Creation of energy-as-information and link it from HelioRiboGenetics and RNA interference to Genotypes via game play of: ION: Covalence Peptide Virulence Subatomic Periodic Cytosis Virus Expansion Ecosystem Genotype (November 2020) Alternatively, see: Announcement of the 2020 Nobel Prize in Physics Reported in Physics…

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Psychophysical Laws of Biology: RNA-mediated nutritional psychiatry (3)

Psychophysical Laws and the Superorganism  (open access) …superorganisms may also exhibit such behaviour, suggesting that these laws arise from fundamental mechanisms of information processing and decision-making. Reported on Jun 14, 2013 as Nutrient-dependent/pheromone-controlled adaptive evolution: a model and again on: Mar 27, 2018 as Honeybees may unlock the secrets of how the human brain works The study… found that superorganisms may obey the same laws as the human brain. Kohl’s “Laws of Biology” and Darwin’s “conditions of life” can now be…

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For God and Country

Enzyme-constrained interethnic diversity (8)

I am intrigued by the fact that I detailed the energy-dependent links to interethnic diversity in this blog post on the same day that the so-called science journalist Ed Yong placed everything known to serious scientists back into the context of neo-Darwinian evolution. See for comparison to Ed Yong’s nonsense: “Players compete to build enzymes, hormones and receptors and fend off attacking Viruses!” Yong’s addendum: *This article has been corrected to reflect the fact that Arc genes were co-opted by…

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Methylation and the Innate Immune System

Free Webinar Training: Methylation and the Innate Immune System Free Training: Methylation and the Innate Immune System Please send your questions, comments and feedback to: I sent these two questions in advance: 1) Does what organisms eat link food energy to RNA-directed DNA methylation and all healthy longevity via fixation of amino acid substitutions and transgenerational epigenetic inheritance in the context of the physiology of pheromone-controlled reproduction in species from microbes to humans? 2) Does the virus-driven theft of…

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