The National Microbiome Event has now been placed into the context of the Precision Medicine Initiative. Taken together, metabolic networks are linked to genetic networks via energy-dependent RNA-mediated protein folding chemistry in the context of changes in microRNA flanking sequences that link hydrogen-atom transfer in DNA base pairs in solution from energy-dependent changes in base pairs to the physiology of reproduction and cell type differentiation in all living genera.

But see: A genome-wide association scan implicates DCHS2, RUNX2, GLI3, PAX1 and EDAR in human facial variation

They bury the fact that rs3827760 links the mouse model of nutrient energy-dependent RNA-mediated cell type differentiation to humans via the conserved molecular mechanisms I reported in my 2013 review. Here’s how that is done.
rs3827760 in also known as 1540T/C, 370A or Val370Ala. It is a SNP in the ectodysplasin A receptor EDAR gene on chromosome 2. The Val370Ala amino acid substitution links a single change in a base pair to the morphological and behavioral differences in mice and humans during development. It also clearly links Zika virus-driven energy theft across generations to craniofacial morphology and brain development in infants.
They mention a functional substitution in the intracellular death domain of EDAR (370A) but do not link the base pair change to the Val370Ala amino acid substitution. They do not mention that the functional substitution is an RNA-mediated amino acid substitution.

You need to already know how devious researchers can be when they are paid to produce results that appear to support neo-Darwinian theories. When you know how devious they can be, and how RNA-mediated cell type differentiation occurs in the context of healthy longevity, you can link the energy-dependent changes in hydrogen-atom transfer in DNA base pairs in solution to healthy longevity or from virus-driven energy theft to all pathology.

And, as we consistently see on the other “Creationism” FB group that has been over-run by vocal atheistic theorists, and on the Epigenetic Control of Gene Expression” FB group, attempts to expose the treachery lead to attacks on the credibility of published works and to personal attacks as well.

I may be repeated myself, but here’s the post on virus-driven energy theft and pathology.

This is another very technical OP. Many people may not understand it and antagonists will attack because they do not want anyone to realize how far creation science has progressed during the past twenty years.

Creationism now can be linked from energy-dependent changes in angstroms to changes in ecosystems in all living genera, and also from virus-driven energy theft to all pathology. I will include a link to a report on these findings after I post this.

Histone H3K36 mutations promote sarcomagenesis through altered histone methylation landscape [subscription required]
Note: The corresponding author may provide a reprint.

The authors link virus-driven energy theft to loss of function histone mutations via these amino acid substitutions.

1) lysine 27–to–methionine (K27M)
2) glycine 34–to–arginine/valine (G34R/V)
3) glycine 34–to–tryptophan/leucine (G34W/L)
4) lysine 36–to–methionine (K36M) mutations

They call the cancer-associated H3 mutations “oncohistones.” This term may confuse others who could otherwise link the mutations from sites of histone posttranslational modifications and RNA-directed DNA methylation or histone acetylation in H3K27 and H3K36 to creationism.

For comparison, nutrient energy-dependent healthy longevity is linked to creationism. Confusing others causes their failure to recognize the link from virus-driven energy theft and loss of function mutations in what would otherwise be the creation of all organized genomes of all living genera.

For example, the clustered mutational patterns in the amino acids link virus-driven energy theft to tumor type specificity. That suggests the link from virus-driven energy theft to “oncohistones” (i.e., amino acid substitutions) in different tissues of origin can be distinguished by linking specific viruses to differences in cancer that vary with cell type differences in different tissues. The cell type differences are RNA-mediated and depend on the energy-dependent amino acid substitutions.

They authors of this article admit that they know about progress in understanding the oncogenic effect of some histone mutations. But they link the amino acid substitutions to use of the term “oncohistones.”

I perceive this as another possible attempt to claim that the role of virus-driven energy theft in all pathology is not known to all serious scientists.

Changing terms is a common strategy used to muddy the waters of scientific clarity. If “oncohistones” are mutations that link amino acid substitutions from virus-driven energy theft to to changes in base pairs, the energy-dependent changes in RNA-mediated amino acid substitutions can be linked from nutritional epigenetics to pharmacogenomics. What is currently known about nutritional epigenetics and cell type differentiation can be compared to what is known about virus-driven pathology and the undifferentiated cell types found in all cancers. Serious scientists have already made those comparisons across species.

If my term use confuses you, or if you do not wish to discuss creationism in the context of this OP, I hope you will enjoy watching the antagonists attack me again because they know too little about RNA-mediated amino acid substitutions to discuss biologically-based energy-dependent cause and effect in the context of creationism.

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