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A Message From J.V.Kohl:

Here you will find information that links physics, chemistry, and molecular epigenetics via RNA-mediated events such as the de novo creation of olfactory receptor genes in order to encourage a public discussion of a paradigm shift.

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Dispensing with all pseudoscientific nonsense about evolution (2)

Dispensing with all pseudoscientific nonsense about evolution (1) See also: Genomic analyses identify hundreds of variants associated with age at menarche and support a role for puberty timing in cancer risk Reported as: Hundreds of Genomic Regions Linked to Age at Menarche Age at onset of puberty is affected by a combination of genetic, nutritional, and other environmental factors and that timing, in turn, is associated with risk of cancer later in life. Who will be next to link energy-dependent…

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Dispensing with all pseudoscientific nonsense about evolution (1)

No experimental evidence of biophysically constrained biologically-based cause and effect supports claims that the mammalian placenta “evolved.” All experimental evidence of biophysically constrained biologically-based cause and effect supports claims that the mammalian placenta is an energy-dependent pheromone-controlled ecological adaptation. See also: Discovery of chemoautotrophic symbiosis in the giant shipworm Kuphus polythalamia (Bivalvia: Teredinidae) extends wooden-steps theory Chemoautotrophic symbiosis is nutrient energy-dependent and pheromone-controlled. Nothing about life involves autotrophy. Everything known to serious scientists links chirality to autophagy, which protects the…

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Dispensing with March for Science Dispatches (2)

Dispensing with March for Science Dispatches (1) “We want to work with other science societies to start preparing their members—the scientists and the friends of science—to communicate what needs to be communicated,” he told The Scientist. See: Cytosis: A Cell Biology Board Game A board game taking place inside a human cell! Players compete to build enzymes, hormones and receptors and fend off attacking Viruses! 6,650 backers pledged $389,357 to help bring this project to life. More than 60,000 published…

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Dispensing with March for Science Dispatches (1)

Earlier today, Phillip from ATT repaired the splicings that were required to re-establish my energy-dependent internet access. I published 1000 posts to this blog before the April 22, 2017 March for Science. Most of the blog posts attest to the facts about energy-dependent alternative splicings of RNA that link chirality and autophagy to all biodiversity on Earth via the physiology of pheromone-controlled reproduction. See for comparison: March for Science: Dispatches from Washington, DC “The hope is somebody will listen. We’re…

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The Virus-Driven Suicide March for Science

Genetic analysis of α-synuclein 3′ untranslated region and its corresponding microRNAs in relation to Parkinson’s compared to dementia with Lewy bodies My summary: Genetic predispositions and energy-dependent microRNA biogenesis link top-down causation to the biophysically constrained transgenerational epigenetic inheritance of neuronal type-specific expression.  Energy-dependent variability in endogenous RNA interference and the SNCA gene contribute to synucleinopathies in the context of two different human pathologies. Virus-driven energy theft is linked to the regulation of the α-synuclein (SNCA) gene and the etiology…

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Virus-driven downsizing of the human brain (4)

Virus-driven downsizing of the human brain (7/1/16) Virus-driven downsizing of the human brain (2) (7/6/16) Virus-driven downsizing of the human brain (3) (8/9/16) Excerpt: Chad Lerner We house our animal mouse models in pathogen free environments (aside from transponson). They still age and die with pathological features. Sorry Chad Lerner claims to be a Postdoctoral Researcher at Buck Institute for Research on Aging On Saturday, 4/22/17, which was the day of the “March for Science” he wrote: You should not…

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March for science vs microRNAs

March for Science aims to counter ‘alarming’ anti-science trends Rush Holt, a former physicist and Democratic congressman who runs the American Association for the Advancement of Science, said scientists find it appalling that “evidence has been crowded out by ideological assertions. See: Combating Evolution to Fight Disease: March 7, 2014 Molecular biology and evolutionary biology have been separate disciplines and scientific cultures: The former is mechanistic and focused on molecules; the latter is theoretical and focused on populations. However, these…

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Pseudoscientific theories vs transgenerational transmission

The neurobiological consequence of predating or grazing (January 2013) “The patterns of synaptic connections perfectly mirror the fundamental differences in the feeding behaviours of P. pacificus and C. elegans“, Ralf Sommer concludes. A clear-cut result like that was not what he had necessarily expected. Transgenerational transmission of environmental information in C. elegans (April 21, 2017) Editors summary: Ancestral legacy effects Environmental change can critically affect the lifestyle, reproductive success, and life span of adult animals and their for generations. Klosin…

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Autophagy and health or virus-driven pathology

MiR-142-3p Overexpression Increases Chemo-Sensitivity of NSCLC by Inhibiting HMGB1-Mediated Autophagy Conclusion: HMGB1 is involved in major DNA repair pathways and regulates cell death and survival [27]. Xiao and coworkers have reported that miR-142-3p directly targets HMGB1 to inhibit NSCLC cell proliferation and induce cell apoptosis [18], but the underlying mechanisms have not been elaborated. Our findings suggest that the in vitro anti-NSCLC properties of miR-142-3p reported by Xiao et al. could be at least partially mediated by downregulation of HMGB1-mediated…

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Game over for theorists

Trump’s opacity with regard to his positions on science has propelled science advocacy to a new level of intensity. Marching Into an Uncertain Future If you saw what he did with the leaks and ‘fake news,’ why can’t you see what he has done with the controlled release of information. He got two conflicting representations of energy-dependent top-down causation concurrently published in Science. 1) Stem cell divisions, somatic mutations, cancer etiology, and cancer prevention 2) A conserved NAD+ binding pocket…

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  • What Darwin proved: there’s no such thing as a species
    GENETICS As Animals Mingle, a Baffling Genetic Barrier A short stretch of DNA is challenging what it means to be a species. By: Emily Singer August 5, 2014 Excerpt: “Scientists have dubbed such regions of the genome “islands of speciation.” The persistence of such islands is a phenomenon that has been observed in a variety of […]
  • Do not trust pseudoscientists
    Trust a Scientist: Sex Addiction Is a Myth A psychologist explains why sex addiction therapy is more about faith than facts, as told to Tierney Finster Excerpt 1)  During withdrawal, the brains of addicts create junctions between nerve cells containing...Read more