God’s microRNA-mediated Creation of genotypes (1)

By: James V. Kohl | Published on: September 8, 2021

See first: Natural selection for adaptation (10)
DNA Logic Circuits for Multiple Tumor Cells Identification Using Intracellular MicroRNA Molecular Bispecific Recognition  9/5/21

The bispecific intracellular miRNA controllable DNA circuit…easily extends to various cell type discrimination by adjusting the [energy-dependent biophysically constrained Creation of] miRNA species…

When Fauci claimed it was molecularly impossible to engineer SARS-CoV-2 in the Wuhan lab, the extent of his lies became clear. The fact that he lied before Congress is now clearer.
See: Learning noncoding RNA biology from viruses 9/7/21

…HSUR1 provided the first example of a process known as target-directed miRNA degradation that operates in cells to regulate miRNA populations. HSUR2 functions as a miRNA adaptor, uncovering an entirely new, indirect mechanism by which miRNAs can inhibit mRNA function.

MicroRNA-mediated inhibition of mRNA function typically prevents the virus-driven degradation of mRNA that all intelligent serious scientists have linked either to the Creation of biophysically constrained genotypes or from mutations to pathology.
See: Maria Sibylla Merian’s Legacy (the Creation of Genotypes)

Merian published her first work, the flower book Neues Blumenbuch, in 1675… and published her first book about caterpillars in 1679 under the name Der Raupen Wunderbare Verwandelung und Sonderbare Blumennahrung (engl. “The Wondrous Transformation of Caterpillars and their Remarkable Diet of Flowers”).

Her claims were too far ahead of the claims subsequently made by Charles Darwin in 1859. Biologically uninformed theorists simply dismissed the facts. The facts about diet-driven metamorphosis could otherwise have been linked from Darwin’s “conditions of life” to all food-energy-dependent pheromone-controlled genetic processes of biophysically constrained biodiversity in species from cyanobacteria to humans via the patent for naturally occurring light-activated carbon fixation and protonated RNA interference (RNAi).
See items 1-7:
1.Temporal development of Drosophila embryos is highly robust across a wide temperature range 7/15/18
2. When does diet matter? The roles of larval and adult nutrition in regulating adult size traits in Drosophila melanogaster 3/27/20
3. Does local adaptation along a latitudinal cline shape plastic responses to combined thermal and nutritional stress? 9/7/20
4. Growing Up in a Changing World: Environmental Regulation of Development in Insects 1/7/21
5. Regulation of ecdysone production in Drosophila by neuropeptides and peptide hormones 2/11/21
6. The Number of Larval Molts Is Controlled by Hox in Caterpillars 2/22/21
7. Single nucleotide polymorphisms in microRNA binding sites on the HOX genes regulate carcinogenesis: An in-silico approach 7/22/21
Without the protection of energy-dependent single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) in microRNAs, there is no protection from the virus-driven degradation of messenger RNA (mRNA) that links mutations to all pathology across kingdoms from microbes to humans.
See also: MiR-125b regulates the differentiation of hair follicles in Fine-wool Sheep and Cashmere goats by targeting MXD4 and FGFR2 9/6/21
If you can’t link this to chromosomal rearrangements and sympatric speciation in species from flies to labradoodles, you haven’t played the STEM toy for ages 14+ “Genotype.”
Flies and labradoodles were specifically mentioned in “The Science Behind the Game.”

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[…] See first: God’s microRNA-mediated Creation of genotypes (1) […]

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