Ignoring effects of microRNAs on Twitter (1)

By: James V. Kohl | Published on: December 10, 2019

Summary: Those who fail to link food energy to biophysically constrained human endogenous retroviruses via the physiology of pheromone-controlled reproduction in pigs will suffer unnecessarily and die prematurely from the virus-driven degradation of their messenger RNA. Indeed, the biologically uninformed pigs will continue to be led to their slaughter by those who use the Harvard Business Plan of obfuscated cause and effect to sell the practice of medicine to those who would otherwise not need to be sold.
microRNA Items: 1 to 94974 (12/10/19)
28 day summary with change over previous period 12/10/19
Tweets 940 minus 10.4%
Tweet impressions 229K  plus 7.9%
Profile visits 2,337  minus 45.9%

Mentions 777 minus 46.9%

An increase of 7.9% tweet impressions led to decreased profile visits and decreased mentions. The displays of ignorance can be compared in the context of more recently published works (and a historical perspective on the ignorance).

MicroRNA and Retinoic Acid 12/5/19

Direct + indirect relationships between God’s Creation of sunlight, water, miRNA biogenesis enzymes, and a metabolite of Vitamin A link oxygen-dependent plant growth to nutrient-dependent pheromone-constrained viral latency

MicroRNAs associated with overweight and obesity in childhood. Systematic review 12/9/19

“Pathway analysis of the repeated miRNAs showed that they were involved in the regulation of metabolic and signaling pathways, including fatty acid metabolism.”
This links the light-activated creation of miRNAs in plants to the regulation of obesity genes.

Taken together, these two published works link the light-activated assembly of the microRNA-RNA-peptide nanocomplex to biophysically constrained viral latency that prevents activation of obesogenic genes.
Historical perspective: miR-26 suppresses adipocyte progenitor differentiation and fat production by targeting Fbxl19 9/5/19
Reported as: New pathway that controls fat formation

Researchers found that loss of a family of microRNAs results in a dramatic increase in fat formation.

How might this lost family of microRNAs contribute to the smell and taste of bacon?
See: Discovery and functional annotation of novel microRNAs in the porcine genome by using a semi-supervised transductive learning approach 12/6/19

Porcine miRNAs linked alternative splicings of pre-mRNAs (miRNAs) and/or nonhomologous end joining (NHEJ) from differences and similarities in porcine endogenous retroviruses (PERVs) to biophysically constrained human endogenous retroviruses (HERVs).

The likelihood that excess food energy reactivates endogenous retroviruses that were biophysically constrained in pigs and humans links the HERVs to all the pathology associated with human obesity.
Historical perspective:

Inhibition of Porcine Endogenous Retrovirus by Multi-Targeting Micro RNA... 11/19/17 attests to the eternal significance of microRNAs in the context of how to win IndoChina wars by preventing the wars with research that comes from Hanoi, Vietnam + Seoul Korea

It should be obvious to all serious scientists that the links from inhibition of endogenous retroviruses to healthy longevity in all mammals extends to differences in behavior that contribute to wars and to the pathogenesis of depression that is consistently linked to obesity and to post traumatic stress disorder in veterans of the US military who commit suicide.

Identification of Circular RNAs Regulating Islet β-Cell Autophagy in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus 11/7/19

This study is to identify the circular RNA (circRNA) expression profile that is functionally related to pancreatic islet beta-cell autophagy and their potential regulation mechanisms in type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM).

Role of Non-coding RNA in the Pathogenesis of Depression 12/6/19

…the roles of non-coding RNA in the pathogenesis of depression, including neurogenesis, synaptic plasticity, brain-derived neurotrophic factor expression, HPA axis regulation, neurotransmission, neuropeptide expression, neuro-inflammation, and polyamine synthesis are discussed.

See for comparison: Levels of Biological Plausibility 12/2/19

…no measure is fundamental and understanding how measures relate can further scientific progress.

Do you think Feynman was biased against pseudoscientists?

Do you think Philip C. Ball is a moron?

To turn quantum to classical, we don’t need a conscious mind to measure or look; we just need an environment full of stuff. With or without us, the Universe is always looking.

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