Public Heath Fascism vs Creationism (1)

By: James V. Kohl | Published on: January 14, 2021

More than 114,000 indexed publications that mention “microRNA” link energy-dependent biophysically constrained viral latency to all biodiversity on Earth via ecological adaptations. See: microRNA
Ask “Where did the energy come from?”
Difference and similarities linked to energy-dependent epigenetic imprinting across kingdoms were placed into the context of: Structural basis for the final steps of human 40S ribosome maturation 11/18/20
This was reported as: Human ribosome assembly has no counterparts in simpler model organisms 11/23/20

This demonstrates the importance of considering the human system separately from other experimental models,” says Beckmann. Use of the evolutionarily simpler yeast system is sufficient for a basic understanding of the process. But certain pathological syndromes have been linked to errors in ribosomal biogenesis in humans, which provides an obvious rationale for the study of ribosomal assembly in human cell systems.

For an update on energy-dependent microRNA-mediated ribosomal assembly in human cell systems, see: microRNAs Mediated Regulation of the Ribosomal Proteins and its Consequences on the Global Translation of Proteins 1/8/21

The idea of master miRNAs that can influence the global translation of proteins is potentially true, and the existence of such miRNAs is further assured…

The existence of master miRNAs links biophysically constrained viral latency to healthy longevity across kingdoms via light-activated microRNA biogenesis in plants and biophysically constrained circadian rhythms.
See: A genome-wide microRNA screen identifies the microRNA-183/96/182 cluster as a modulator of circadian rhythms 1/5/21

We provide a resource for further understanding the role of miRNAs in the circadian network and highlight the importance of miRNAs as a genome-wide layer of circadian clock regulation.

See for comparison: RNA World: Repeated Downfalls, Repeated Resurrections 1/12/21

Modern organisms make enzymes that can force twinned strands of RNA — or DNA — to go their separate ways, thus enabling replication, but it is unclear how this could have been done in a world where enzymes didn’t yet exist.

The light-activated assembly of the microRNA-RNA-peptide nanocomplex was presciently linked from the Creation of enzymes to biophysically constrained viral latency and all biodiversity on Earth via the physiology of reproduction in Biblical Genesis. See:

Disabled were walking again, the blind were seeing again, and the death rose from the grave. 2013 was the year in which prophesy from the bible became reality. — De Correspondent dec 2013

See also: A meta-analysis of microRNA expression profiling studies in heart failure 1/14/21

The miRNA expression meta-analysis identified sixteen highly significant HF-miRs that are differentially expressed in HF.

See also: 1 Corinthians 15:36

The Apostle now proceeds to show, by the analogies in Nature, how a resurrection of a body is possible, how substantial identity may be preserved under variation of form. The Apostle does not here prove anything. Analogy cannot ever be regarded as logically conclusive as an argument. The object of analogy is to show how a difficulty is not insuperable. The doctrine of the resurrection has been logically established.”
For other analogous logically established proof linked to Biblical Prophesy, see the light-activated weekend resurrection of the bacterial flagellum:

If you understand the physics, chemistry, and molecular mechanisms of the weekend resurrection of the bacterial flagellum in this fluorescent organism, you can better understand Biblical Prophesy about the weekend Resurrection of Christ in the context of young earth creatonism and The Causal Closure of Physics in Real World Contexts.

…causal closure in the hierarchy of emergence is a strictly interlevel affair, and in the cases of engineering and biology encompasses all levels from the social level to the particle physics level.

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