Energy-dependent RNA methylation (7)

By: James V. Kohl | Published on: June 8, 2016

“…viral latency is responsible for life-long pathogenesis and mortality risk…” – Lieberman (2016)

My comment: Energy-dependent RNA-mediated amino acid substitutions are responsible for life-long healthy longevity and decreased mortality risk.

See for comparison: How cancer was created by evolution

Excerpt 1)

But even though it is evolutionary processes that have made cancer such a problem, it is also evolutionary thinking that is now leading to pioneering treatments that could stack the odds against cancer and in favour of our health.

Excerpt 2)

Genetic diversity is “the spice of life, it’s the substrate upon which natural selection acts”, says Swanton. By this he means evolution by natural selection, first proposed by Charles Darwin in 1859.

See for comparison:

Evolution by natural selection cannot be the outcome if something is not first selected. Selection is always for nutrients. It is as simple as that.” — James V. Kohl (7/24/13)

My comment: Thinking about evolutionary processes in the context of cancer pathology, which is obviously a problem that arises in the context of virus-driven energy theft, is like not thinking at all.

See for comparison:  Engaging epigenetics experts

The comments represent the only success I have had with attempts to explain what is currently known about RNA-mediated cell type differentiation in any FB group.


I don’t see a lot of research on the role of ‪#‎epigenetics‬ in suppressing endogenous retroviruses, so I was intrigued by this one. The investigators in this article in Development turn off the gene Setdb1, a histone methylator, and let slip the dogs of MLV. I’m certain one of our regular visitors will find this interesting.
Working on mouse cells, the team of researchers from Germany’s Ludwig Maximilians University and elsewhere discovered that releasing Setdb1’s hold on endogenous retroviruses definitely allows murine leukemia virus (MLV) to ramp up protein production, ultimately killing the host cells. Of course.

See for comparison:  Creationism and Creationism

My comment: Many people seem more interested in arguing about the religious beliefs of others compared to learning about energy-dependent cell type differentiation for comparison to virus-driven energy theft and pathology.

See also: Impairment of DNA Methylation Maintenance Is the Main Cause of Global Demethylation in Naive Embryonic Stem Cells


…global demethylation is, contrary to previous assumptions, a consequence of neither loss of de novo methylation nor active Tet-dependent demethylation but caused by impaired maintenance methylation.

My comment: Maintenance methylation is energy-dependent and it is RNA-directed.

See: RNA directed DNA methylation and cell types or Google rna-directed dna methylation or search PubMed rna directed dna methylation

RNA-directed DNA methylation is a conserved molecular mechanism that typically prevents transgenerational epigenetic inheritance of damage due to virus-driven energy theft. It is like a reset button on your router, or initiating “restart” on your computer after the problem with virus-driven energy theft of programming information has been corrected. In all living genera, “restart” works wll until the efficiency of energy transfer to the information in programming has been corrupted by the accumulation of viruses and mutations in your ancestors.

The only way to prevent the damage your ancestors knew about was to follow the laws of biology that link virus-driven energy theft to pathology across generations of people who failed to follow those laws. Now, some offspring are susceptible to Zika virus energy theft, which causes craniofacial abnormalities and brain damage in infants — but not always.

There are clear links from nutritional epigenetics that predict when damage is most likely to be transgenerationally (epigenetically) inherited. Anatagonist Sean Ovis (Sirius Cyantis),  put them into God’s plan to kill us all via the creation of viruses, which means he linked the viruses to craniofacial abnormalities and brain damage in infants via the same model — as if God’s intent was to start killing his Creation from the time of birth.

See also: Creationism

My comment: That’s the clearest example of hate-mongering I have seen in this group, so far. And he twisted my model of virus-driven energy theft to do it. Group members wanted a definition of virus-driven energy theft. They refused to accept the fact that it has been linked to all pathology in my model and in the accurate representations of biologically-based cause and effect by all other serious scientists. However, some of the scientists who failed to make the obvious connection are trying to link what is known from a loss of function mutation to the creation of new oncohistones.

Neo-Darwinin theories about mutations, natural selection, and evolution have lost nearly all their appeal among serious scientists. Facts replaced theories about human brain development and the National Microbiome Initiative predictably will undoubtedly continue to be linked to the Precision Medicine Initiative in all publications — except those published by theorists.

Within the next year or two, we should see the mutation-driven evolution approach that theorists have linked to the development of the human brain and behavior become recognized as the theory that is the source of all preventable pathology. Serious scientists continue to make progress, and they will enlist others who are “Combating Evolution to Fight Disease.”
The only researchers left fighting against scientific progress will be the neo-Darwinian theorists, and they may be subjected to something akin to the Spanish Inquisition, or the Salem Witch Trials. “What caused you to keep thinking your magical thoughts about cell type differentiation, you witch?”
See for comparison: Regulation of prefrontal cortex myelination by the microbiota

Excerpt 1)

“… we believe we demonstrate for the first time that the microbiome is necessary for appropriate and dynamic regulation of myelin-related genes with clear implications for cortical myelination at an ultrastructural level. The microbiota is therefore a potential therapeutic target for psychiatric disorders involving dynamic myelination in the PFC.”

My comment: I believe everything that is reported in the context of the belief that it has been demonstrated for the first time should be placed into the context of a model of biologically-based cause and effect. If the model links what is known about RNA-mediated amino acid substitutions and cell type differentiation in all living genera, it could be used to predict what would be demonstrated next for the first time and demonstrated next for the first time after that, ad infinitum.

Eventually, everyone who has ever demonstrated for the first time that the microbiome is the key component of what they have demonstrated for the last time may link the microbiome from metabolic networks to genetic networks via the physiology of energy-dependent reproduction in all living genera and demonstrate for the last time that all other demonstrations linked from virus-driven energy theft to pathology have shown the same thing.

No one has ever shown anything else besides that fact that cell type differentiation is energy-dependent and that RNA-mediated fixation of amino acid substitutions occurs in the context of the physiology of reproduction linked to supercoiled DNA by the innate immune system.

Excerpt 2)

Studies utilizing approaches such as monocolonization in either GF or microbiota-depleted animals using antibiotics would allow deciphering whether specific bacterial strains have the capacity to normalize the observed altered myelination patterns in these animals.

My comment: Those studies could be linked from pattern recognition in other species to demonstrate for the last time that all pathology is caused by virus-driven energy theft, which alters everything known about how metabolic networks are linked to genetic networks by biophysically constrained RNA-mediated protein folding chemistry. Physics and chemistry link quantized energy from angstroms to ecosystems via the physiology of reproduction and biologically-based cause and effect in all living genera.

Summary: Unique microRNAs (miRNAs) appear to link the nutrient-dependent pheromone-controlled life history transitions of bees to RNA-mediated metabolic networks and genetic networks in all genera via base pair substitutions and amino acid substitutions that differentiate all cell types in all living genera. Jon Lieff continues to present what is known about cell type differentiation in articles that an educated audience can understand. I’ve added more technical representations from the most recently reported sources of information.

See also: Microbes Effect on the Brain in my blog post from May 25, 2015: Pattern recognition: biogeochemical structure and function

See also: Counting viruses and bacteria in photosynthetic microbial mats

My comment: Photosynthesis in the ecological regions at the lowest level of a body of water such as the ocean appears to link the minimum amount of quantized virucidal energy from ultraviolet (UV) light and the maximum amount of water molecules found on Earth. The speed of biologically-based symbiotic interactions has now been measured in the context of femtosecond blasts of UV light, which links RNA-mediated DNA repair to amino acid substitutions and cell type differentiation at every subsequent level of examination. All levels of examination have always required a link from an anti-entropic source of energy. All serious scientists have linked atoms to ecosystems in all living genera, via the physiology of reproduction and supercoiled DNA, which protects all organized genomes from virus-driven entropy.  Only recently have serious scientists linked angstroms to ecosystems in the context of the physiology of reproduction and supercoiled DNA.

The serious scientists that did that appear to be having great fun demonstrating “…for the first time that the microbiome is necessary for appropriate and dynamic regulation of myelin-related genes with clear implications for cortical myelination at an ultrastructural level.”

See for example:

C. David Allis’s group seems to want others to believe cell type differentiation is not all about the base. He may want them to believe it’s all about histones. Others have also suggested that approach.
See: Epigenetic (re)programming of caste-specific behavior in the ant Camponotus floridanus reported as: Social behavior in carpenter ants reprogrammed using epigenetic drugs

It’s All About the Histone The almost decade-long collaboration between the Berger, Liebig, and Reinberg labs, supported by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, blends molecular biology with observations of animal behavior to understand how caste-based differences arise in ants.

Allis’s group is now reporting the existence of oncohistones (cancer causing histones). They invented the term.
See: An oncohistone deranges inhibitory chromatin

Missense mutations (that change one amino acid for another) in histone H3 can produce a so-called oncohistone and are found in a number of pediatric cancers. For example, the lysine-36–to-methionine (K36M) mutation is seen in almost all chondroblastomas. Lu et al. show that K36M mutant histones are oncogenic, and they inhibit the normal methylation of this same residue in wild-type H3 histones. The mutant histones also interfere with the normal development of bone-related cells and the deposition of inhibitory chromatin marks.

My comment: By placing the change in the base pair that precedes the energy-dependent change in the amino acid substitution, biologically uninformed researchers will focus on the oncohistones, not the virus-driven energy theft that links all mutations to all pathology. The focus of drug development on histones is on damage control or repair.
Allis’s group can develope treatments for disorders of cell type differentiation that link virus-driven energy theft from base pairs to detrimental amino acid substitutions without mentioning the role of energy-dependent amino acid substitutions in cell type stability in all living genera. Cell type stability is controlled by the physiology of reproduction, which links the amino acid substitution to the histones and supercoiled DNA , which protects all organized genomes from virus-driven energy theft and genomic entropy.
See also: Censorship & Upcoming Royal Society Evo Meeting discussion on the Creationism FB group

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