Not necessary. Not safe. Not effective (8)

By: James V. Kohl | Published on: January 11, 2024

On 1/11/22, the first person received an insulin injection as a treatment for diabetes. See: The First Human Insulin Injection to Treat Diabetes

Intelligent people then continued to link God’s energy-dependent Creation of nucleic acids from chromosomal rearrangements in flies to constraints on all virus-driven diseases. See: MicroRNAs and Cardiovascular Disease Risk 1/11/24

Moronic theorists still tout pseudoscientific nonsense that links virus-driven mutations from the automagical emergence of energy in the cosmic void to our evolution from pond scum (cyanobacteria) during billions to millions of years.

See also: miR-129-5p as a biomarker for pathology and cognitive decline in Alzheimer’s disease 1/9/24

Insulin injections are the opposite of injections with synthetic mRNA. They are necessary, safe and effective.

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