WHO broke the breakthrough (3)

By: James V. Kohl | Published on: April 23, 2023

3 year anniversary date: 4/23/20

See: “Trump, officials suggest coronavirus is weakened by sunlight and humidity.”and

Optimal Nutritional Status for a Well-Functioning Immune System Is an Important Factor to Protect against Viral Infections” 4/23/20

Trump nailed it! Sunlight and humidity link oxygen dependent fixation of amino acid substitutions to viral latency and healthy longevity across kingdoms from microbes to humans.

SARS-CoV-2 awakens ancient retroviral genes and the expression of proinflammatory HERV-W envelope protein in COVID-19 patients 4/6/23

In a world of intelligent people, this fact would eliminate all the moronic theories touted by evolutionists.

Instead, many people continue to believe in stupid theories that do not link the Creation of energy-as-information from the creation of nucleic acids (RNA and DNA) to biophysically constrained viral latency across kingdoms via the physiology of reproduction in all living genera.

The creation of nucleic acids is All about that base 12/10/14. For details, see claims about the energy-dependent Structural diversity of supercoiled DNA 10/12/15 That means you cannot start with a gene-centric theory unless you can show that supercoiled DNA automagically creates itself.

For comparison, see this historical perspective: Vibrations in microtubules 9/1/97 linked the ATP-dependent Creation of RNA in regulatory T cells to biophysically constrained viral latency across kingdoms from soil microbes to humans. That fact was published less than one year after my group published our 1996 review of RNA-mediated cell type differentiation From Fertilization to Adult Sexual Behavior,

Twenty-five years later, Infrared microscopy plays first fiddle to solve a violin mystery helped to put everything known to intelligent serious scientists into the context of “…a microscope that collects images tens of nanometers wide and measures the infrared light scattered from the coating layer and the wood.”

The food energy-dependent pheromone-regulated genetic processes of reproduction in lac insects was linked to Tunable control of insect pheromone biosynthesis in Nicotiana benthamiana 4/9/23

See: Essential amino acid profiling of the four lac hosts belonging to genus Flemingia: its implications on lac productivity 8/26/20
These insects “…specialized themselves to inhabit a wide to particular range of host plant species to suffice their nutritional requirements (Novotny and Wilson 1997). In addition to it, plant architectural patterns, qualitative and quantitative variations in the phytochemicals, anatomical variations, turgor pressure are known to affect selection of the host plant (Mattson 1980; Wilkinson and Douglas 2003).”

The light-activated miRNA-mediated pH-dependent construction of the cell wall in all cell types of all species was linked from fixation of amino acid substitutions in microtubules to protection from viruses, and placed into the context of a game for ages 14+ via “…our cultural knowledge of the aesthetic and acoustic features of treasured instruments.” See: Cellulose: A Plant Cell Biology Game

2023 Update: Retuning the Catalytic Bias and Overpotential of a [NiFe]-Hydrogenase via a Single Amino Acid Exchange at the Electron Entry/Exit Site 7/26/17. This was reported ~ 6 years later as Newly discovered enzyme that turns air into electricity, providing a new clean source of energy 3/8/23

…this enzyme uses the low amounts of the hydrogen in the atmosphere to create an electrical current. This finding opens the way to create devices that literally make energy from thin air.

Thin air contains hydrogen and humidity (H2O), which links oxygen from the humidity to pH-dependent constraints on the ATP-dependent Creation of a hydrogen-consuming enzyme from a common soil bacterium to the physiology of reproduction across kingdoms.

See also: Microbial oxidation of atmospheric trace gases 4/12/22

They linked “…the catalytic bias and overpotential of a [NiFe]-hydrogenase via a single amino acid exchange at the electron entry/exit site…

The experimentally established facts link Base Pairing and Hydrogen Bonding in Nucleic Acid Polymers 12/13/10 From hydrogen atom transfer in DNA base pairs to ecosystems 3/2/16

See also: 3/9/21 Food drives a third of global emissions: report 3/9/21
The impact of viral predation on thaumarchaeal functioning and mortality links the regulation of greenhouse gas emissions to global biogeochemical cycles of protein biosynthesis and degradation across kingdoms. Light-activated miRNA-mediated prevention of virus-driven pathology is linked to prevention of excess global emissions of waste/excrement. See for half the facts: Spindle-shaped viruses infect marine ammonia-oxidizing thaumarchaea 7/16/19

For more facts, see: After decades of effort, scientists are finally seeing black holes—or are they? 1/7/21

“Teukolsky…attacked the problem with pencil, paper, and Albert Einstein’s theory of gravity, general relativity.”

Serious scientists linked UV light in black holes from plant growth to viral latency across kingdoms.The UV light from black holes links the ATP-dependent Creation of RNA from RNA interference to biophysically constrained viral latency via the energy-dependent creation of enzymes and proteins that link G protein coupled receptors to all biodiversity on Earth via receptor-dependent changes in the endogenous substrates of cells that respond to light, humidity, and oxygen-dependent fixation of amino acid substitutions in the microtubules of organized genomes.

See for an example of fixation: Illumination of a progressive allosteric mechanism mediating the glycine receptor activation 2/13/23

“Fluorescence reports a glycine-elicited conformational change that precedes pore opening.”

That fact was contextualized in A swapped genetic code prevents viral infections and gene transfer 3/15/23 and reported as Arrestin-dependent nuclear export of phosphodiesterase 4D promotes GPCR-induced nuclear cAMP signaling required for learning and memory 3/28/23

See also: Revealing the Enzymes That Control Attention and Memory 3/30/23

“The gene expression forms the material foundation of the memory in your brain. If you don’t have gene expression, you won’t have memory.”–Yang K. Xiang

“Lack of phosphorylation leads to poor memory”

“A crucial step to stimulating this memory-related gene expression — the export of PDE4D5 — appears to be the attachment of a phosphate group (known as phosphorylation) to the receptor. This is accomplished by an enzyme known as a kinase.”

“The kinase involved in this case is a G-protein receptor kinase.”

See for comparison: 2 Cell Studies Reveal Genetic Variation Driving Human Evolution 2/14/13 (video)

Every aspect of the two studies linked to “genetic variation” occurs only in the context of energy-dependent miRNA-mediated prevention of viral replication. See: MicroRNAs affect GPCR and Ion channel genes needed for influenza replication 11/17/21

Protection from the virus-driven degradation of mRNA, which links mutations to disease, was reported as MicroRNAs affect GPCR and Ion channel genes needed for influenza replication11/17/21

Facts were ignored by those who previously failed to link sunlight and humidity to oxygen-dependent fixation of amino acid substitutions, but not by pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer.

See What is a Variant?: Understanding the Virus Game-Changer and Pfizer Completes Acquisition of Trillium Therapeutics 11/17/21

Oxygen-dependent fixation of microtubules in stem cells was linked to the differentiation of all cell types on 4/23/20. See: “…sunlight and humidity can weaken the coronavirus…”

See also: Optimal Nutritional Status for a Well-Functioning Immune System Is an Important Factor to Protect against Viral Infections 4/23/20 Be the polymath. Only stupid theorists start with “Big Bang” cosmology and mutation-driven evolution across billions to millions of years.

Their claims predominate in works published by people such as Marc Gielen. See: Illumination of a progressive allosteric mechanism mediating the glycine receptor activation 2/13/23

“This work illuminates a progressive propagating transition towards channel opening, highlighting structural plasticity within the mechanism of action of allosteric effectors.”

On 4/23/20, President Trump linked sunlight and humidity from the energy-dependent miRNA-mediated Creation of allosteric effectors to activation of endogenous substrates in stem cells and constraints of viruses such as coronaviruses on cell type differentiation across kingdoms via miRNA-mediated RNA interference.


MicroRNA-based regulation of epithelial–hybrid–mesenchymal fate determination 11/5/13
Mesenchymal Stem Cell-Derived Extracellular Vesicles as Therapeutics and as a Drug Delivery Platform 5/2/19
Influence of mesenchymal stem cell-derived extracellular vesicles in vitro and their role in ageing 1/3/20
Mesenchymal Stem Cell-Derived Extracellular Vesicles in Tissue Regeneration 3/24/20
Mesenchymal Stem Cell-Derived Extracellular Vesicles Carrying miRNA as a Potential Multi Target Therapy to COVID-19: an In Silico Analysis 1/28/21

For comparison, see the antagonistic comments on my life’s works made by Marc Gielen, who co-authored the article on allosteric effectors, and other antagonists compared to comments from intelligent serious scientists and my comments.

I’ll save everyone their time. His solution to all disease is glycine.

Achiral glycine is required for construction of the cell wall. Glyphosate (Agent Orange/Round-up) substitutes for glycine, which is how Stephanie Seneff’s linked it to the toxic legacy of ignorance shared by @philosophising4
and @MedEckardt. They are dumber than cyanobacteria.

He purchased the blue tick. End of joke.

Pls – keep language to science. No accusations . Pls give link Glyphosate/Glycin study, tks

amazon.com/Toxic-Legacy-Weedkiller-Glyphosate-Environment/dp/B095L44NHC/ref=sr_1_1 @stephanieseneff wrote a book about this: “Toxic Legacy: How the Weedkiller Glyphosate Is Destroying Our Health and the Environment” She cited the appropriate works but placed them into the context of evolutionary theories.

Marc Gielen publications

You missed the links from peptide synthesis at the origin of life and origin of consciousness to all energy-dependent miRNA-mediated biodiversity via RNA interference (#RNAi) & glycine, which is required for cell wall construction in all cells. You fool!

I posted this paper today!! GET TO THE POINT JAMES!!!!

You don’t have any serious published work since 1996. I don’t choose to ignore your work, I choose to ignore stuff that was done when I was 5 and presented as revolutionary when it has gathered close to no citations :). Bye you fool 🙂

I have two award-winning publications. One from 2001 and one from 2006 (a book chapter) in the “Handbook of the evolution of human sexuality.” -concurrently published as http://sexarchive.info/BIB/kohl.htm Homosexual males hated it. Are you one of them?

See also:

Could it be that microtubules are the conscience agents @StuartHameroff @donalddhoffman? Is there any way to reconcile your two theories? Personally, I think that experimental evidence trumps mathematical alignment.

Yes! Experimental evidence links food energy-dependent fixation of amino acid substitutions in microtubules from the origin of life to the origin of consciousness via the physiology of reproduction and pheromone-regulated feedback loops in this model. https://twitter.com/microRNApro/status/1650228274621034496/photo/1

A lot of words to show you don’t know jack about anything mate! Also an award on a chapter ? Pretty please!

The award was for linking social science and neuroscience. See also https://twitter.com/microRNApro/status/1650228274621034496 Are you gay?

Reminder to neo-Darwinian evolutionary theorists. Disrespect for one is disrespect for all, including those like DJ Trump, who might otherwise try to save you from drowning in your excrement — as he did on 4/23/20. https://www.iflscience.com/the-erfurt-latrine-disaster-when-60100-nobles-drowned-in-a-pit-of-human-excrement-63724 5/18/22

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