Bill Gates refutes theistic evolution (prequel)

By: James V. Kohl | Published on: February 23, 2017

On February 22, 2017, self-proclaimed fitness expert Amir Siddiqui, wrote: James Kohl you didn’t predict jack ____

See my predictions in the context of: Search Results for “”virus-driven energy theft””

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…the world now has an emergency medical response team – which, astonishingly, it never had before.

Pardis Sabeti may still be part of the response team, and most of them still may not know how to link energy-dependent changes in SNPs from angstroms to ecosystems in all living genera via RNA-mediated hydrogen-atom energy transfer in DNA base pairs in solution.

Alternatively, the team members and others like them may be terrorists who seek to undermine the authority of the President of the United States. See: Distinct lineages of Ebola virus in Guinea during the 2014 West African epidemic

… EBOV is able to generate and fix nucleotide and amino acid variation within co-circulating viral lineages on the time-scale of individual outbreaks, including the presence of country-specific lineages, and which may ultimately produce variants with important fitness differences.

What about those fitness differences?  What don’t fitness experts know about nutrient energy-dependent amino acid substitutions? Who is Amir Siddiqui, really? Is everyone who calls me a religious nut actually a terrorist, or are they simply too ignorant to learn how to link what people eat to their reproductive fitness via amino acid substitutions in supercoiled DNA?

See how this is done in species from microbes to humans: Measurements of translation initiation from all 64 codons in E. coli 

Reported as: Start codons in DNA may be more numerous than previously thought
The measurements of energy-dependent translation initiation in E.coli must be linked from changes in the start codons to supercoiled DNA. That requires fixation of RNA-mediated amino acid substitutions in the context of the physiology of pheromone-controlled reproduction, which is linked to nutrient energy-dependent ecological adaptations in all living genera.
The fact that there are more energy-dependent start codons to be considered in the context of biophysically constrained protein folding chemistry became important to Bill Gates in the context of virus-driven energy theft and the forthcoming viral apocalypse.
See: Bill Gates refutes theistic evolution

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[…] See: Bill Gates refutes theistic evolution (prequel) […]

[…] Bill Gates refutes theistic evolution (prequel) […]

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