Flipping off the flipons (7)

By: James V. Kohl | Published on: July 10, 2023

Re: Construction of a novel nomogram based on competing endogenous RNAs and tumor-infiltrating immune cells for prognosis prediction in elderly patients with colorectal cancer 7/10/23

“In 2011, the hypothesis of competitive endogenous RNA (ceRNA), proposed by Salmena et al., held that all types of RNA transcripts, such as lncRNAs, mRNAs, and other RNAs, can act as ceRNAs via microRNA response elements that bind to miRNAs [8].”

In 2012, I asked a Society for Neuroscience Conference speaker if every aspect of cell type differentiation in all cells of all species occurred downstream from the Creation [and pH-dependent binding] of miRNAs.

He assured me that’s what had been learned during the past decade. I confirmed that the facts fit the claims about biophysically constrained RNA interference (RNAi), which I had followed in the extant literature since the early 1990s.

All intelligent serious scientist have since learned that energy-dependent miRNA-mediated constraints on the proliferation of viruses flip off the flippons that cause the degradation of messenger RNA (mRNA), which has been linked to all virus-driven diseases.

I am angry and somewhat depressed because a friend who played banjo at a suicide victim’s funeral a few weeks ago died from colorectal cancer on 7/8/23. He almost undoubtedly could have been more effectively treated with miRNA therapy, which also has linked fixation of amino acid substitutions in microtubules from microtubule inhibition to treatment of coronavirus pathology via FDA’s approval for the use of Paxlovid. See: FDA Grants Full Approval to Paxlovid, COVID-19 Antiviral Treatment 6/7/23

See also: Oral Nirmatrelvir and Ritonavir for Covid-19 in Vaccinated, Non-Hospitalized Adults, Ages 18-50 Years 6/30/23

“NMV-r use in vaccinated adults aged 18-50, especially with serious comorbidities, was associated with reduced all-cause hospital visits, hospitalization, and mortality in the first 30 days of Covid-19 illness.”

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